About OutRun

Here at OutRun, we want to encourage runners and athletes alike to weather the cold and get outside during these times. With winter approaching, it's easy to stay home, but it's different when you've been stuck their all day. Studies have shown that exercise during COVID-19 is up 88% and we don't want that to stop! Through educational posts, inspiring messaging, and intriguing products, the hope is to create solutions that allow YOU to keep fit through all conditions. 

Our goal is to create eco-conscious sportswear solutions with design circularity incorporated in every product. This means that by sourcing locally here in Montréal, Canada, using eco-polyester materials, and by funding tree planting initiatives we effectively offset our carbon footprint. 

Our inaugural headband will allow athletes to continue to exercise outside later into the year while staying warm. The headband also acts as a face covering allowing for ease of use if you want to stop in to your favourite bakery on the way home!  

The name choice came with 3 pillars: 

1. Outrun: We want to encourage you to perform to your best and outrun your personal bests. 

2. (Out)door running: Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It's easy to stay at home during these times, but let's not forget to get a good workout in. 

3. ''Out for a run'': Enjoy it! When you casually tell your friend you're going out for a run or workout, it's because you have fun doing it.