Why Running Headbands?

Female looking at running headband

What better way to stay fit in the fall and winter seasons than by having something to keep you warm through your workout, but also to use as a face covering when you stop in at your local bakery! 

As a runner, I always found that going out for fall/winter runs, the 1st thing that would bug me is my hands and ears going numb. Running gloves are pretty readily available, but I certainly do not want to wear a skull cap (apologies if you are one of those people!). It's applicable for running, but now that people aren't working out in gyms, it's almost a necessity for all athletes alike looking to train in the winter months.

The thought behind the headbands was for versatility. Versatility to allow you to stay warm to keep getting in your workouts as late into the year as possible. Versatility to not have to bring your mask with you before leaving the house. 

The material is a 85% Eco-polyester / 15% Spandex blend, allowing for an ultra-stretch, sweat-wicking athletic material perfect for any workout. It is machine washable, and the print does not fade. The performance fabric is made by a local Montréal mill and it is all printed and sewn in La Belle Province.

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